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Thermoplastic Sandwich Panel


Item No.: SP-003
Thermoplastic sandwich panel with special anti-slip treatment.
Description Advantages Specifications Applications
THERMOPLASTIC SANDWICH PANEL is the CFRT honeycomb panel. It is constructed by pp honeycomb core with fiber-glass reinforced pp sheet on both sides. Owing to its features of light weight, high compressive strength, environmentally friendly, it is widely used for van trucks, mobile building, home furnishing, architecture, packaging, etc.

Light weight
Owing to the special honeycomb structure, the sandwich panel has a low density, hence its weigh is also very light. It will greatly reduce the dead load of the trucks and improve the payload-weight ratio.
Easy to assemble
Sandwich panels are easily to be assembled with screws, bolts, riveting, or gluing or hot melting welding.
High weatherability
Sandwich panels are fiber-glass reinforced, which could be used in a temperature range of -40℃ to +80℃.
High Strength
Excellent resistance to impact, physical stress impact and damage.
Waterproof and moisture-proof
Sandwich panel is well sealed, and it is not hygroscopic when the surface is damaged.
Excellent resistance to chemicals
Sandwich panel has an excellent resistance against oils, salt-water and common chemicals.

The advantages of sandwich panel compared to other panels
Compared to corrugated steel plate Compared to plywood Compared to FRP PP honeycomb panel
Light weight, easy to assemble Light weight, easy to assemble Light weight, easy to assemble
Higher resistance to impact Higher resistance to impact Higher resistance to impact
Durable Durable Waterproof
Thermal insulation/Water-proof Thermal insulation/Water-proof Resistance to delaminating
Can carry food Can carry food 100% recyclable
Resistance to corrosion, not rust Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable Easy to repair
Easy to repair Resistance to oil Long service life
Long service life Easy to repair  
  Long service life  
Standard Face Sheet: 0.7mm natural color/black, 980g/㎡, other colors and sizes need to be customized.
Panel Thickness: 10mm - 100m, Tolerance: ±0.5mm
Panel Length: 500-160000mm, Tolerance: ±2/4/8mm
Panel Width: 500-2750mm, Tolerance: ±2mm
Planarity: ±4mm/m
Surface Treatment: Anti-slip surface,  wear-resistant treatment, anti-UV treatment,  fireproof treatment, coated surface etc.
Van Truck: body of the van trucks
Advantage: Light weight, High strength, Easy to assemble, waterproof and moisture-proof, Corrosion resistance, energy absorbing, long service life, 100% recyclable
Mobile Building: Wall, Floor, Partition etc.
Advantage: Easy to assemble, Reusable, Waterproof and Moisture-proof, Sound Insulation, Good stability in dimensions, Resistance to impact
High-speed Train: Floor
Advantage: Light weight, Sound insulation, Energy Absorbing and Shock-proof, Corrosion Resistant