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Thermoplastic Honeycomb

Thermoplastic Honeycomb with Non-woven Fabric on both Sides

Item No.: HC-002
PP Honeycomb attached with non-woven fabric on both sides.
Description Parameter Application
Thermoplastic Honeycomb Core is a new construction material, which is made of PP, PC, or PET based on the bionic principles of honeycomb. It has certain remarkable features, including light weight, high compressive strength, environmentally friendly, waterproof and moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, etc. It can be recombined with various sheets, such as FRP, grain board, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, marble sheet, rubber sheet, etc. It can replace the traditional materials extensively and widely used for van trucks, high speed train, aerospace, yachting, home furnishing, mobile building, etc.

Product Features
1. Light weight and high compressive strength (high specific strength
high compressive strength
high shearing strength
light weight, low density
2. Green and environmentally friendly
energy saving
100% recyclable
VOC free during production
free from objectionable odor and formaldehyde
3. Waterproof and moisture-proof
With excellent ability of waterproof and moisture-proof, it can be well used for on-water buildings
4. Corrosion Resistant
Strong resistance to chemicals and seawater.
5. Sound Isolation
Efficient in reducing the damping vibration and absorbing noises.
6. Energy Absorbing
Special honeycomb structure makes it excellent in absorbing energy, resisting shock and sharing the load
PP Honeycomb Parameter
Item Type A Type B Type C
Color white white white
Cell core diameter(mm) 8 10 12
Density (KG/m³) 80 75 70
Compressive Strength (MPa) 1.66 1.58 1.47
Modulus of compression (MPa) 45.7 41.2 38.9
Shearing strength(MPa) 0.5 0.45 0.4
Effective Temperature(℃) -40 -+80 -40 -+80 -40 -+80
Thermal insulation-value(W/㎡k) 2.2 2.2 2.3
Note: the above data are based on the testing results of 30mm (thickness) honeycomb.
Light Trucks: truck body
Advantages: Light weight, High compressive  strength, Energy Absorbing, Easy to assemble, 100 % recyclable
Yachts: decks, superstructure, bulkhead, interior facility
Advantages: Light weight, Energy Saving, Energy Absorbing & Shock Resistant, Waterproof, Corrosion Resistant, Sound Isolation
Mobile Building: Walls, Floor, Partition wall, etc.
Advantages: Easy to assemble and disassemble, Reusable, Waterproof & Moisture-proof, Sound Isolation, Good Stability in Dimensions, Shock Resistant
Building Exterior Wall: The Surface of the Exterior Wall
Advantages: Light Weight, Reducing the load of the whole building, UV Resistant, Waterproof & Moisture-proof, Corrosion Resistant, Environmentally friendly