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Uni Directional tape

Glass Fiber Reinforced PE Tape For RTP

Item No.: UD-002
Glass Fiber Reinforced PE Tape is a new type of PE tape reinforced by continuous thermoplastic impregnated fiberglass, which is also called Uni Directional tape.
Uni Directional tape is a new type of composite material reinforced by continuous thermoplastic impregnated fiberglass. The base polymers mostly used consist of PP, PE, PA, etc. Besides the fiberglass, other fibers including carbon fiber, aramid fiber, can also be used as the reinforcement. 

Product Parameters
U.D. Tape in thickness: 0.18mm - 0.4mm
U.D. Tape in width: 20mm - 1300mm

Specificatons of U.D. Tape Available
PP/GF45, UL94/V0@1mm

Extruded U.D tape can be converted further as below:
1. By slitting into spools for weaving and winding
2. By lamination into 0/90° cross-ply amd multi layer laminates

1. To be the most basic material for CFRTC Laminates and then be used as the surface sheet of sandwich panels or other composite panels, truck skirts.
2. U.D. Tape also finds great applications like vessels, tanks, silos, helmets, suitcase shells, etc.
3. Another important application of U.D. Tape is for High Pressure Pipe Winding. Please refer to the below pictures for your reference about the production processing.