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Composite Scaffold Boards

Composite Scaffold Board

Item No.: CSB-001
This specially designed CFRT Composite Boards, made from continuous glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics and light weight honeycomb core, is ideally for using as scaffold boards, a great update and replacement for steel and plywood planks.
Description Properties of Composite Scaffold Boards
The peel strength of the sandwich structure provides the vast majority of the compressive strength , while the honeycomb core provides low weight and high supporting capacity. The weight savings makes it easy to install. The anti-skid surface reduces the risk of slipping and tripping even under extreme  weather conditions.
The boards are certified by the third party for both load class and ageing.

  • Easy to install and removal as it is 50% less weight than plywood.
  • Much more durable than plywood.
  • Easy to maintain and easy to keep clean.
  • Light weight also reduces the transport cost, so it saves money.
  • Green, 100% recyclable, and environmental friendly.
  • Excellent impact and bending resistance, reducing the risk of injuries for out of balance.
  • Anti-skid surface reduces the risk of slipping and tripping even under extreme  weather conditions.
  • Resistance to rot, decompose, mildew, corrosion and most chemicals
  • Tested and certified by the third party against 10 years UV light

Thickness of 10.8mm is the mostly sold one.
Other thicknesses are available on request, 9mm, 9.6mm, etc.

Custom-made upon request.
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Part No.: TM/ScaB10/140/BK
Physical Properties
Item Test Standard Test Condition Typical Value & Tolerance
Thickness / 23 ℃ 10.8mm ±0.4mm
Areal Weight / 23 ℃ 4100g/㎡ ±200 g/㎡
Mechanical Properties
Item Testing Standard Test Condition Typical Value
Bending Strength ISO 14125 2mm/min 57MPa
Flexural modulus ISO 14125 2mm/min 4434MPa
Maximum Load ISO 14125 2mm/min 1501-2019N
  1. The typical value is the average value tested inside the company, and is not regarded as the finished product standard.
  2. It’s for our clients’ reference during when they are selecting the right products.
  3. The product properties can be adjusted as per clients’ requirement by changing the lay-up structures or materials.